Dimensional Chocolates

What makes a chocolate dimensional?

fav 1We start with chocolate. But not just any chocolate. Using fair traded, fermented-raw cacao from Ecuador, we stone-grind each hand-crafted chocolate from scratch to include some of the most influential herb adaptogens and superior superfoods available. Using low-glycemic, nutrient-dense coconut palm nectar as the only sweetener, our 70% raw cacao chocolates are completely vegan and free of any processed sugars, soy, dairy, corn, gluten, emulsifiers or fillers. Before tempering, our chocolate goes through hours of wet grinding to finesse and refine the particle size which creates a unique creamy, melt-in-your-mouth feel that lingers. These lingerings of taste and texture extend the pleasure of our chocolates, allowing each ingredient to have its own turn and timing which contributes to its multi-dimensional experience. This experience lasts even after the chocolate is completely eaten.

Not all chocolatiers are willing to share their trade secrets or even reveal the ingredients used in their chocolates. We not only want you to know what ingredients are in our small batch, artisan made chocolates, we want to tell you the stories of the people and companies behind them, another special dimension in and of itself. Please see them on our ingredients tab.

Full of enzymes, minerals and nutrients, a chocolate this dimensional, sensual and rich… is just good medicine.

For more information on how you can order Dimensional Chocolates, contact 630-730-1871.


Ginni Selle, PhD, Chocolatier